social impact
A shopify plugin

-- Know exactly which Social Media post brought the customer.

-- Never again wonder if your Social Media efforts are making money.

-- Reduce the time analyzing Social Media statistics.

What Is This?

Easiest way to track the Impact of Social Media on your Sales.

Social Impact is a tracking and dashboard App which helps you easily understand the Impact of Social Media on your eCommerce. Social Impact will track the visitors from many different Social Media services and it gives you an easily understandable dashboard to see who bought what and where they came from.

But I can already see if someone came from Social Media! You definitely can go and dig around the confusing statistical tools provided by different Social Media services and even Shopify. The problem with those statistics are that they don't track recurring visits. If someone clicks a link you posted on Facebook, but doesn't buy immediately, Social Impact will track that visit and when the customer returns a few days later and buys something, it will be marked down as an Indirect Sale.

Not Just Another Analytics Tool

Our knowledge in Social Media, statistics, software development and graphic design ensures that the Social Impact app will give you all the necessary data to understand how much money your Social Media accounts are generating.

Easy to understand statisticsIntuitive User InterfaceComprehensive data if you want to dig furtherAffordable by any type and size companyNo need to add any tracking codesTracking data that you won't find elsewhere


We offer two types of pricing:

Premium: 5$/month Per Social Media Account

Freemium: 1-2$ Per Module

Premium model offers you all the data inside Social Impact for only 5$/month per linked Social Media account. If your company has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, then the price will be 15$ per month. If you only have one Facebook Page, it will be 5$ per month, plain and simple.

Freemium model offers you more freedom to choose which data you think is important to you. You can just click a module, pay 1$ and get the data inside that module for a month. You can also buy previous months' data if you want to.

You can also mix and match the Premium and Freemium models. Let's say you are focusing on your Facebook page for now, but not so much on your Twitter. You can pay the 5$/month for Premium access to all the recorded data from your Facebook page, and just buy some modules from your Twitter data.

Note: Some of the data, for example, the Overview is completely free

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between a Direct and Indirect Visit/Sale?

Direct Visit is when a customer comes to your website from a Social Media Service. For example if you post a link to Facebook and someone clicks it, it will be marked down as a Direct Visit. Direct Sale is when a direct visitor buys something.

Indirect Visit is when a customer has arrived to your website from a Social Media service in the past 2 weeks and returns. So if a user clicks your link, goes away and comes back a few days later, it will be marked down as an Indirect Visit. Indirect Sale is when an indirect visitor buys something.

What data do you track?

We track some data from Shopify and the Social Media accounts you connect to our App. We also use cookies to track the customers.


One Click Install. No need to add any code or change anything.

I Need Help!

If you need help with any part of our App, don't hesitate to email us at

Pricing & plans

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per month

  • Automatic Visitor Tracking

  • Automatic Sales Tracking

  • One Click Install

  • Limited Data

  • -

  • -

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per Module

  • Freedom to choose which data to see

  • Mix and Match with Premium

  • One Click Install

  • All Data Only For Bought Modules

  • Extended Statistics Only For the bought Modules

  • Priority Customer Service

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per month for each Social Media Account

  • Automatic Visitor Tracking

  • Automatic Sales Tracking

  • One Click Install

  • Get All Data

  • Extended Statistics

  • Premium Customer Service

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